Learning to code with the Bootcamp System.

Learning to code with Bootcamp system.

So a couple of month ago, while i was reading some news about technology, i start to see some publicity about coding and people that wanted to learn how to do it.  As you can see the demand of people that know programming languages is increasing, so i got that itch of telling to myself, Why not?!

I started to look for some institutes and colleges in the area of Barcelona city where i am at the moment. After couple of weeks searching, i couldn’t find anything that fits my needs; either because there were long years careers or because the content of the subjects didn’t like me.

I discover the bootcamp system in a Blog; don’t remember the name right know but basically this person was encouraging people to learn how to code, he also mention some names of institutes and the word bootcamp. Searching for bootcamps en Barcelona and with mi mind decide to do it, i applied for a coding course in Skylab Coder Academy.

After almost a month  learning a lot but a lot! of exiting stuff i got with the idea of writing this blog, watching other amount of people that wanted to take the same path.

So this are some things that you have to take in mind after you decided by one or another Bootcamp:

  • First of all, you should have to know something about coding, no deeply but basic  knowledge; and if you don’t better if you take a couple of weeks or a month to read and exercise the mind, you will needed. In Skylab Coders Academy they make some study session before the course starts, in that way everyone try to reach the same level.
  •  Other aspect is the content of the Bootcamp. Keep in mind that you are going to be coding for a minimum 9 hours per day for the next 10 or 12 weeks, so the content have to be of quality and filtered. Try not to take the courses that try to teach you two or three different languages and others tools, it’s hard enough to deal with one language and the tools that come with it. For example,  if you don’t know any language all ready, try to learn French and Chinese in 10 weeks, if your learn something that knowledge will not be solid.
  • Third but not less important, your equipment for the job. If you have a good laptop in good conditions that’s great but if you don’t, I would recommend you to invest in your future and acquire a good PC; try not to take the risk that your laptop fails and therefore stay behind the class (I saw some cases).
  • You should have time for extra practice in your home. This is important because is a lot of information to process, but if you keep up you are going to be all right.
  • Also learn to manage the stress and your free time. If you look closely at the big tech Companies, they try to make their employees to feel comfortable and entertained, when you are comfortable you are creative and you can solve problems faster.

And for last, try to enjoy the journey and make friends, you will learn from them as much as they from you..

Keep Coding…